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Cold Email Outreach
Cold email outreach has been our single most successful strategy during COVID. Even if your ideal prospects are working from home they'll never be far from their email. 
Targeted telephone outreach to your perfect target customers either small or large scale. We set up appointments so you can close more sales.
Trade Show Excellence
Selling face to face at trade shows is a hugely undervalued channel to market. We have developed UK's leading Trade Show resource to improve sales and your return on investment.
"B2B has been severely disrupted during COVID.

We can bring you new leads and introductions to fill your sales pipelines and keep your business strong and healthy through these challenging times.

The key is to adapt and learn so we can stay ahead of our competitors and offer high class lead generation to all our customers."

David Swift, Founder LeadsPro.
Cold Email Outreach
Face to face has got much harder during COVID.

We've all had to evolve to survive and thrive.

Calling your prospects on the office number just won't cut it if they are working from home. But they'll never be far from their email inbox.

Our personalised and targeted email campaigns deliver amazing returns.

We develop campaigns which are highly focused and relevant so your prospects will want to read them, and then set up calls so you can develop the lead.
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Targeted Telemarketing
You know who you need to speak to - we can help you reach them. Highly targeted telemarketing is a really effective way to start conversations and open up opportunities.

No list? No problem. With your input for who you'd like to target we can source a list or create one from scratch.

Alternatively we can use your own list, cleaning it and updating contact details as we go - this is vital as so may people have changed jobs during Covid.
Trade Shows
For most B2B companies trade shows are the ultimate opportunity.

How often do you have hundreds of potential customers under one roof, actively looking for new products? 

In the main exhibitors don't take anything like full advantage of the massive opportunity trade shows offer.

We can take you through exactly what you need to do to have your best show ever with our Exhibitor Blueprint programme and fill your sales pipeline for months to come.
David Swift - Founder
About LeadsPro
LeadsPro is a B2B digital marketing agency founded by David Swift.

David is a passionate marketer having worked in the field since 1993.

He is passionate about helping clients get a return on your investment quickly and consistently.

He believes in clarity and simplicity in marketing - and putting the customer at the heart of your business.

He leads a small but highly dedicated team of marketers, web designers and SEO specialists who have been hand picked because of their skill, enthusiasm, dedication and passion to make a difference.

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"Dave's knowledge of B2B marketing is second to none. I am amazed at how much is in this programme and how beneficial the Exhibitor Blueprint programme will be to my company. The blueprint calculators and spreadsheets alone will take a lot of the hassle out of organising our shows and save us so much time.

The Exhibitor Blueprint programme really focuses on exactly what we need to do to get the whole team trained up and confident, which will make all the difference at the next trade show."

Craig Zocher - Company Director, Sabre-Tech Ltd
"What Dave and Chris don't know about B2B marketing and successfully planning, managing and executing a successful trade show stand isn't worth knowing. 

Their Exhibitor Blueprint programme is a MUST for any business which is serious about maximising sales and return on investment at a show."

Juliana Evans, MCIM - Customer Marketing Manager - Home Care Company  
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